When accurate and top quality brushes operating in demanding environments are called for, Carbex offers a range of brushes that work with high performance under extreme and in the toughest conditions. In combination with our unique i-BRUSH system, securely monitoring the brush performance as well as the area surrounding the slip ring – we call this “Quality to the Core”.



High or low speed turbines

Carbon brushes used in high or low speed turbine slip ring applications are the most critical applications in the world. For generators in particular, first-class quality is the optimal choice when it comes to electric current transfer and the protection of vital components.

Carbex offers a range of power brushes for the industry that works with high performance under extreme and tough operating conditions. In addition to power brushes, reliable grounding brushes can also be offered which constantly protect drives against stray currents. With Carbex unique i-BRUSH system you will securely be monitoring the brush performance as well as the surrounding area around the slip ring. The Carbex team works closely with the industry to develop solutions for, amongst others, hydro, gas and steam turbines.

For example

  • Optimize brush performance
  • Improve reliability
  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Scheduled brush service
  • Etc.
Power plants

Size does not matter no project is too big or too small for Carbex.
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