Within the port and marine sector, it isn’t only at sea level that our brushes come into play. The ocean depths are also recipients of our products, incorporated for example in unmanned mini-submarines operating in the most demanding of environments. Our carbon brushes guarantee high reliability and performance – on or below surface. At every level Carbex is there to make life easier.


Mostly equipment within the Port and marine segment operates under extreme environmental working conditions, and with strong load variations.

Beyond this, salty air from the sea and high humidity will affect the performance of the slip ring package. Therefore, working conditions dictate that components are resistant to oxidation and safe for the tough environment. Carbex products are tested and trusted to meet those requirements.

Carbex carbon steel

Worldwide Carbex delivers i.e. carbon brushes, brush holders and slip rings designed specifically for:

Port-side handling equipment

  • Lifting cranes
  • Trolleys
  • Earthing


Cargo Motors

  • On-board motors and generators
  • Propulsion drives
  • Cathodic protection
  • Cargo hatches

Our specialty is carbon brushes for all types of grounding systems.

In those cases where galvanic currents pass through motor’s bearings they can damage them. The grounding brushes’ most important function is to prevent the current from passing through the bearings and thereby prevent damage. Galvanic currents cause small pits and grooves which result in higher friction in the bearing. Metal graphite brushes with high metal content are usually used for carbon grounding brushes.

Silver graphite is the best choice because silver materials are less affected by oxidation, but copper graphite can also be used. Pure metal graphite brushes cannot cope with such high peripheral speeds.

At higher peripheral speeds additional lubrication may be required. We recommend sandwich-type brushes which consist of graphite that lubricates and silver graphite that gives low resistance.

Our carbon brushes grounding contacts are known for their long service life and reliability. Our carbon brushes grounding contacts are also characterized by their long service life and reliability

Size does not matter no project is too big or too small for Carbex.
Do not hesitate to contact us regardless of your application area.