Remote performance monitoring with
i-BRUSH carbon brush plug-and-play system

Carbex i-BRUSH system with integrated sensors in the carbon brush, plus an external control unit, enables maintenance staff to check brush condition at any time, anywhere. Operating conditions are uploaded to the cloud and can be displayed in any smartphone or PC. With knowledge of remaining brush life, the future maintenance can easily be planned to secure uptime.

• Enables maintenance staff to check brush condition at any time anywhere in any smartphone or PC.
• System can be retrofitted to any existing installation.
• Monitoring brush wear, temperature, humidity, voltage drop, current distribution.
• When one of the monitored values deviates outside given framework an alarm is initiated.
• Suitable for offshore as well as onshore applications.
• All grades of carbon brush are available with the i-BRUSH design.
• The i-BRUSH plug-and-play unit does not require electrical installation.

• Quick overview of your various sites and turbines
• Secured operation
• Remote access to carbon brush operation condition
• Machine performance optimized
• Reduced site visits for inspection and maintenance
• Reduced down time
• Cost saving on complete slip ring system
• Safety

• Worldwide monitoring of brushes and surrounding
• Control box with integrated Intelligence
• Alarms sent by text message and/or email
• Online data base available on secured website
• Easy access for collected data
• Easy installation – i-BRUSH a plug and play system

The i-BRUSH monitoring software lists all generators on a site connected to the system. The generator closest to needing maintenance tops the list, enabling users to priorities maintenance duties. Alarm levels can also be set. The user is notified by email or text message when an alarm is triggered. Carbex support staff can access the system for remote support.

• Control unit with integrated intelligence and pre-installed program with alarm settings etc.
• Communication – 4G transmitter and Ethernet connection.
• I/O 4 analog output 24V
• 6 channels (1 brush per channel)
• Internal data storage (SD- card)
• Integrated induction voltage supply
• Battery back up
• Cabling
• Connection components
• Web based software
• Sensor carbon brushes

Extra channels

i-BRUSH is a plug-and-play system, which means quick and easy installation. The installation does not require any specialized expertise. In addition to the standard i-BRUSH settings, the system can be connected to an external system such as a SCADA system.

• Carbex provides data storage on its secure server
• Subscription of reports
• Permanent, private and secured access to the data storage site
• Program update for i-BRUSH control unit during data transfer. No subscription is needed.
• Alarms sent by email or SMS
• Technical support i-brush.support@carbex.se
• Contact: i-brush@carbex.se

i-brush carbon brushes
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