Carbex develops and manufactures complete systems and subsystems (carbon brushes, brush holders and slip rings) for signal and power transmission, as well as combinations thereof in one and the same solution. The programme embraces everything from standard to unique, complex, customized solutions where parameters such as space, environment, integration, lifecycles and other factors are taken into consideration, reaching beyond the boundaries of brush technology.

Close collaboration

From feasibility studies and prototyping through to a fully-developed concept, we provide total partnership based on an established model that enables you to swiftly, safely and efficiently take an idea from the drawing board to a prototype and forward to a ready-made product. This for both one-off builds or larger series production. Our constant focus is on adding value to whatever we develop and deliver, with quality to the core.

Fast prototypes

Thanks to our ability to swiftly develop prototypes, together at an early stage we can explore different alternatives, either in our own 3D-printer or with other technologies where required.

Carbex wind turbine parts

Tests & analyses

Carbex has one of the most modern state-of-the-art test laboratories where at an early stage of development we can quickly and easily test and verify that system solutions comply with the specifications and requirements of the customers.

Within our R&D department, we have leading competencies in metallurgy, chemistry, sintering procedures, mechanics and software development. By virtue of our long experience, we have acquired a profound knowledge of the parameters which are crucial for high quality manufacturing within brush technology.

We continuously invest in Research and Development in order to meet existing and future market demands. This ensures that we as a company are at the cutting edge of all processes and developments. The desire to develop, improve and refine runs deep in our DNA.

Feel free to contact us for technical advice or a personal meeting with one of our specialists.