Carbex has manufactured high quality carbon brushes for signal and power transmission since 1887.

This has encompassed wind energy, medical devices, power plants, the marine sector, as well as other areas of application – often in protected and extreme environmental working conditions.

We always work closely with our customers & partners. This is to ensure that we provide the material grade and design best suited for the application. This enables optimization of the carbon brush, reduction of wear and tear on the rings, and improved performance as an outcome thereby improving the levels of efficiency, consistency and quality throughout the entire life cycle.


Carbex manufactures wind power carbon brushes for every type of wind turbine and generator on the market, regardless of prevailing climate conditions.


Carbex has been active in the scanning industry for many years, supplying brushes and slip ring solutions for signal transmission. Over this time we have built up a unique depth of knowledge that enables us to guarantee products of the highest quality and services based on solid technical expertise. We also know how to respond to the demanding and fast-changing requirements this industry is subject to.


Within the port and marine sector, it isn’t only at sea level that our brushes come into play. The ocean depths are also recipients of our products, incorporated for example in unmanned mini-submarines operating in the most demanding of environments. Our carbon brushes guarantee high reliability and performance – on or below surface. At every level Carbex is there to make life easier.


When accurate and top quality brushes operating in demanding environments are called for, Carbex offers a range of brushes that work with high performance under extreme and in the toughest conditions. In combination with our unique i-BRUSH system, securely monitoring the brush performance as well as the area surrounding the slip ring – we call this “Quality to the Core”.


Whilst Carbex has worked hard to earn its outstanding reputation in brush technology, this has not been achieved alone. Our close association with our customers is the key to our mutual success. Our expert technical team use and share their know-how, insights and expertise to ensure optimal, long-term solutions. Striving to improve and develop is in our DNA.