Looking to expand and brush up on your knowledge and skills?

Expand your carbon brush horizons with the Carbex Academy
— Masterclasses in brushwork management.

Knowledge to the core

Training program for Motors and Generators. Our comprehensive training program covers the complete slip ring package including carbon brushes, brush holders, slip ring units and surrounding areas. Our training courses are customized to provide you and your employees with the specialized skills required for optimal service and maintenance.

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Amongst the areas we cover are

  • How carbon brushes, brush holders and slip ring unit work in harmony

  • The importance of the correct spring force on the carbon brushes
  • How to recognize brush grade families and select the correct grade for your application
  • The importance of correct surface film (patina) on the slip ring tracks
  • The effects and impact of various environments:
    • humidity and temperature on brush life and,
    • the importance of the temperature in the immediate vicinity and surrounding areas
  • What happens when differing brush grades are mixed
  • How to calculate brush current density and its significance for good commutation
  • How to manage brush current density
  • How to analyze and troubleshoot sparking problems


  • Fast response and decision-making thanks to increased knowledge of engineering, operations, and maintenance

  • Less downtime due to enhanced management of assets and facilities
  • Better and higher reliability and availability of motors and generators
  • Reduced unprevented maintenance problems
  • Improved risk management due to access to trained personnel
  • Increased job satisfaction and morale for service staff

Training is offered as in-class programs that can be standard or tailormade according to your specific requirements. These are conducted by our technical experts with the aim of achieving and maintaining the highest levels of competency, taking into account the latest developments in the field to ensure you are at the cutting edge of innovation and best practice.


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