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Trust has to be earned. The proven high quality and reliability of Carbex products and services has earned us our reputation for trusted quality worldwide.


Trust has to be earned. The proven high quality and reliability of Carbex products and services has earned us our reputation for trusted quality worldwide.

World-leading companies specify Carbex as preferred solutions in their applications. From top quality raw materials to expert application support, we have proven ourselves to our customers time after time.

Raw material and vendors are chosen for their quality profile. Diverse and stringent quality checks performed throughout the production process result in products you can always rely on. Our products are assigned unique batch numbers ensuring full traceability and verification that the product is genuine Carbex technology.

Our knowledge and competence play a large part in the high level of trust our customers place in us. With our 130 years of experience and focused expertise in brush technology, we can work closely with customers to help solve any upcoming challenge.

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Performance – Peace of mind

When customers opt for a solution from Carbex, they are choosing peace of mind: Carbex is a sound investment in both asset protection and safety.

Carbex has dedicated itself to the development of carbon brush technology since 1887. In that time, Carbex products have secured millions of applications all over the world, in the course of which we have developed a record number of high quality products.

Carbex products are designed for superior performance in the most extreme conditions and environments, providing effective solutions throughout an application’s lifetime. That’s why we are proud to be “MADE IN SWEDEN”.

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Knowledge — Partnership

While Carbex has worked hard to earn its outstanding reputation in brush technology, this has not been achieved alone. Our close association with our customers is the key to our mutual success.

Our goal is to be more than a manufacturer of carbon brushes with the highest ranking of added components. We know that operating at the highest margins requires a level of commitment that transcends the products themselves, and that the best measure of our success is the extent to which we contribute to the success of our customers.

A true knowledge partnership helps our customers realize the full benefits of our product experience and capabilities. Our expert technical team use and share their know-how, insights and expertise to ensure optimal, long-term solutions. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs, identify and solve problems and also support projects from initial planning to installation and on-going maintenance. In turn, our customers input and feedback is invaluable as we work together to overcome challenges and optimize solutions.

Carbex in-house test and verification capabilities are second to none with state-of-the-art testing technologies and frameworks.

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Profitability — Profitability stays up when costs stay down

Carbex can help reduce overall application life-cycle costs by minimizing downtime and asset failure costs.

High carbon brush wear rates catch up eventually and affect your bottom line. Carbex constantly develops new products to ensure its customers can maximize uptime on their equipment and infrastructure. At Carbex, we are very proud of the positive impact we have had on profitability for companies across a wide range of industries over many years.

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Specialists — In brush technology and related products

Carbex is the inventor of our brush technology.
It’s what we do, and all we do – secure and dependable power & signal product technology.

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For us, safe and cost effective solutions are the only reason we exist. It’s not an afterthought or sideline. Countless hours have gone into developing the technologies, and continue to do so. We are passionate about being a difference-maker to the people and industries that depend on our solutions and expertise worldwide.

Whatever the challenge is, the chances are we’ve seen and solved it before. Our customers come to us with a problem and, as specialists, we can provide all the technical support, knowledge and competence to recommend the optimum solution.

All carbon brushes from Carbex are produced in our facility in Vadstena, Sweden, manufactured by dedicated employees with years of accumulated knowledge in every field related to brush technology.

Global — Availability

Carbex fully controls the manufacturing process of its products meaning we can also ensure global availability.

Our products are available wherever our customers need them, ensuring they can guarantee the optimum function of power & signal product technology wherever their products are manufactured.

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Competitiveness — Improving customer

Customers who choose us demonstrate that they take high quality seriously and endeavour to strengthen their competitive advantage in the short and long term.

Carbex solutions are part of a larger application, which our customers own or affiliated with. Their competitiveness can be empowered by choosing Carbex as a partner.

Using Carbex technology helps strengthen a product and company’s brand reputation. The use of market leading components in securing their own solution shows the market their commitment and pride in being the very best.

Carbex’s own production and environmental profile also reflects favourably on our customers’ offerings. We have production operating at the highest standards where we perform rigorous quality control on all product batches.

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The most comprehensive — Product range

Carbex’s strong product lines combined with our deep understanding of power & signal product technology ensures that we can offer a solution for every customer need.

Carbex products are available in the widest range of materials and sizes available on the market. Whatever the challenge, Carbex is ready to answer it.

The possibilities are endless – genuine Carbex products are available for almost any standard or customized application imaginable.

Carbex i-Brush and other parts

Innovative — Pioneers

As an inventor, Carbex develops and manufactures complete solutions around its carbon brushes.

Striving to improve and develop is in our DNA. We continually invest in R&D to ensure we can meet current and future market needs. This ensures that we as a company are at the forefront of all stages of all processes and developments.

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Delivery — Commitment to the core

A component’s excellence is defined as much by its reliable availability as its performance.

That’s why Carbex places a strong focus on delivery reliability.

We understand our customers’ dependence on us to deliver on time. For us that includes the correct ordered high quality product and excellent services.
It also reflects well on our solutions and the company as a whole. After all, part of our promise is to deliver on time – worldwide.